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23 Aug

Why we gave away 160 Cricket Bats at Scarborough

On the 21st and 22nd August, during the Scarborough Cricket festival, YCF went on a mission to give away over 160 bats and balls for FREE to children playing on the Scarborough seafront.

As we headed to the beach in club kit, with boxes stacked up high above our heads, we were met with glancing eyes and curious gazes as to what we were up to.

As word got out (by us running up and down the beach yelling FREE cricket bats and balls), we were soon swarmed with people wanting to get their share of cricket.


Funding for the equipment was generously provided by the Charitable Youth Trust with the aim of giving any and every child during the festival the opportunity to play cricket. Children of all ages went home with their own bat and ball to keep, with our hope that they will continue playing at home.

It’s all about inspiring children through cricket and introducing them to the game. It was great to see kids that had never even held a cricket bat before being taught by their parents or guardians on the seafront. It’s all about providing the opportunity and sparking an interest- whether it’s watching or playing! – Nick Robinson, Education and Participation Manager

Pictured above (left to right): Nick Robinson, YCF Education and Participation Manager and Charlotte Jones, YCF Marketing and PR officer, giving away cricket equipment on the beach.

What’s more, YCF have contributed to encouraging children to take part in physical activity.

Who knows, maybe we’ve just given the next Joe Root or Lauren Winfield their first bat?

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