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24 Oct

Sahil's Wicketz Story

Week in and week out certain young people begin to stand out. Sahil was a youngster that came to our attention very quickly.

Already involved in the Bradford Youth Service open session, Sahil had found his way to the Karmand Centre through a friend’s recommendation.

From a quiet and unassuming start, Sahil moved into a phase of becoming easily influenced by the poor choices and actions of others.

When challenged around his attitude and behaviour Sahil would take himself out of the Wicketz session until the following week.

Despite the habit of bailing out, Sahil didn’t shied away from Wicketz and the opportunities it’s thrown his way. He’s taken a tour of the Emerald Headingley stadium, experienced a Yorkshire matchday and attended a summer residential in Repton, Derbyshire.

“At the start I was messing about and not listening, now I’ve got better with the help of friends and the coaches telling me when I haven’t been listening”

Instead of ostracising Sahil, the coaches have worked with him and its well and truely paid off.

As a cricketer Sahil has a natural flare for bowling a leg break, which lead to him winning the top wicket taker award at the first ever Wicketz Bradford 3 school tournament back in May!

On a personal level, Sahil has grown in confidence over the last 8 months. During a Wicketz workshop on identity, where country maps were used to explore their heritage, Sahil said he didn’t know anything about his Pakistani heritage. This conversation triggered a want to discover more from his parents and family. A reaction fitting to a programme that loves to play cricket but equally wants to explore what is beyond the boundary.

When exploring social issues through imagery Sahil linked money and unemployment together. Waiting until the end of the workshop, Sahil shared his fathers personal struggle in providing for his family. For an adult telling their own story of hardship is a powerful thing that takes guts. For a young person to do it is immeasurable.

From being reactive to proactive; a huge transformation has taken place within Sahil. There are still wobbles, but it takes a single look and a couple of words to get him back on track.

With his new-found confidence and enthusiasm, Sahil is shaping up as a future Wicketz leader at the Karmand hub and on asking why he keeps coming back, he simply said:

It’s fun and enjoyable and you play with your friends!”

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