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14 Nov

Wicketz Yorkshire - Heading to Hull!

Following the success of ‘Wicketz Yorkshire’ in Leeds and Bradford, which made its debut in December 2017, we’re excited to announce that the programme is now beginning in Hull.
The national project which is funded by Lord Taverners and run in Yorkshire by the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, charity and community arm of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Wicketz is a community cricket programme, for young people aged 8-16, living in areas of deprivation and focusing on hard-to-reach groups without access to sporting opportunities and the fantastic benefits sport can bring. With the aim of establishing sustainable cricket hubs in the heart of the communities, Wicketz Hull will provide year-round weekly cricket sessions with a focus on developing crucial life skills… all for FREE!

While having great fun playing cricket, Wicketz tackles issues that are specific to the community it is based in and takes a holistic, tailored approach to the development of its workshops. Using sport as the hook, we want to develop social and personal skills, including workshops on topics such as healthy living, combatting anti-social behaviour, reducing violence and raising future aspirations and careers.

Following the success of the project in Leeds and Bradford, with 3 hubs being set up across the past year, Wicketz and the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation is now coming to Hull and will begin by building the foundations for 3 hubs in East, West and North Hull. The programme is being headed up by Development Officer, Rick Robinson.

‘I’m very privileged to be given the chance to lead the Wicketz project in Hull, I’m super excited by the project and I hope that anyone I work with shares the enthusiasm I have for it. I have seen first hand how Wicketz has impacted in Lancashire and Leeds/ Bradford and can’t wait to see it flourish in Hull. Hull is a fantastic City with some amazing facilities, organisations and educational establishments, all of which I am looking forward to working with. Cricket over the years has become a distance cousin of the two main sports which occupy the City (Football and Rugby League) both of which have fantastic provisions for the community. The YCF and Lords Taverners are here to work together with the community in a positive and thriving environment, and maybe, just maybe put Hull back on the cricketing map.’ – Rick Robinson, Wicketz Hull Community Development Officer

Keep your eyes peeled across our website and social media for more on Wicketz Hull.

For information on current hubs in Leeds and Bradford Click here


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