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19 Mar

Runners complete the Couch 2 5k Challenge!

Three runners have completed the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s ‘Couch 2 5 k’ challenge.

The 10-week programme, lead by YCF staff Jess and Ben, was aimed at individuals who don’t partake in much physical activity, beginners wanting to learn to run or those looking for confidence or support with their running.

As well as the three core participants, four people took part for varying numbers of sessions, making a total of seven individuals contributing to 41 group attendances and 98 runs completed runs.

Throughout the programme, there were some tough runs in which the challengers really had to push themselves. This was all part of the plan to take them out of their comfort zones, ultimately testing themselves and improving their skills.

There were also sunshine, rainbows and amazing sunsets along the way, which made the sessions more than worthwhile.

Running is not only for the fit people, anyone can do it with the right support and encouragement. It is another way to enjoy the outdoors, meet people, socialise and keep fit for my health and wellbeing. I sleep better, drink more water than I used to do and I can fit my running during work time which is great because spending time outdoors with fresh bursts of air and scenery is great for my mental health. There is a whole world of happy and welcoming runners out there, you just have to get out and find them!

Group leader Jess explained how the runners inspired her throughout the 10 weeks:

I’m so pleased with the uptake and performance of all the individuals who took part. They have done incredibly well and certainly inspired me to challenge myself! I am hoping the YCF Couch to 5k Challenge has motivated them and taught them enough to continue to enjoy running for their mental, physical and social health.

Run leader Ben added:

The group have done exceptionally well to get to the point of running 3 miles without stopping. Being able to run a single mile is a superhuman act, let alone 3; particularly when half of UK adults admit that they struggle to run for a bus. The Rose Runners Woodhouse Moor parkrun takeover in May is a perfect follow up goal; it’s all about maintaining their running habit now!

Our Couch 2 5k Challengers can now continue to fulfil all their social running needs with our #RoseRunners running club, which takes place every Monday at 5.30pm from the Yorkshire Cricket Centre.

To find out more about the #RoseRunners, email Jess on


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