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12 Apr

We did it again! #RunandTalk

On the 8th of April 15 people supported the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and took to the streets of Headingley for our quarterly #RunandTalk event.

The day was a brilliant success with all members triumphantly completing the 5k run, with each participant being rewarded for doing so with tea and biscuits, whilst having an open discussion about mental health.

#RunandTalk is an event created by England Athletics, with the purpose being to get people to be more active, whilst also talking about mental health and removing the stigma that surrounds it as a topic.

Ourselves at the YCF have been delivering this event to the people of Headingley for two and a half years, with the hope of continuing to do so for as long as we can.

We partook in a steady 5k run, before returning to the Yorkshire Cricket Centre for a brew and an open discussion about mental health.

People discussed various matters such as their own personal experiences of struggling with mental health; any loved ones who have gone through a similar situation; or merely just talking about the subject on a whole. This process was very therapeutic for those that took part, as evidenced by multiple participants commenting on the fact that they had a lot to reflect upon from the event.

The route itself for our event was specifically designed for #RunandTalk, as it featured a section that spelt out ‘MIND’, one of the key sponsors for the event.

Mental health is one of the most important issues that faces people in society today; meaning events such as #RunandTalk have a genuine significance for those taking part.

By opening a discussion in which people feel comfortable to talk about their mental health, it acts as an extremely beneficial process and allows people to take the first step to being free of their mental health problems.

We hope that by continuing to run events such as this we can help leave a lasting legacy to the people of Headingley and provide the starting point to break down the barriers associated with mental health.

For more information on future runs and to learn about the weekly #RoseRunners session, email


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