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19 Jul

Lynn's Story

After recieving a cancer diagnois in 2017, Lynn went on to join Walking Cricket.

YCF have recently partnered with U3A to support Walking Cricket sessions in Barnsley and Doncaster. We’re hoping to develop a sustainable model, which we can then replicate all over Yorkshire!

Read Lynn’s story on what she gets from taking part in Walking Cricket…

After receiving a cancer diagnosis in August 2017, my life took a definite downward turn. Surgery, followed by six months of chemotherapy and finished off with 15 sessions of radiotherapy was my life until May of 2018. It was a very difficult time, though I had so much support from my local hospital and my family that I got through it with my sanity intact. Another source of support came from friends who I have met through Barnsley U3A. I had company during chemotherapy sessions and offers of lifts when I had to go to Sheffield for radiotherapy. Support came in other ways such as from our Face Book members keeping me occupied when I was in hospital for a week and very, very bored. I am not a good patient.

By the end of last year, I realised that I was now expected to get back to normality. Mmmm! My life had a ‘new normal’ so I wasn’t sure what it should look like. I never thought that my new normal would involve cricket though.

Mac McKechnie was just starting Barnsley U3A Mixed Walking Cricket and after a conversation with my 11 year old grandson I took the plunge and joined. My grandson is wise for his age and after my comment that I needed to be fitter to join the cricket he told me that I would never get fit if I didn’t do something about it. He was correct of course.

What do I get from walking cricket? There isn’t a short answer to that because I get so much. First of all, there is the company. What better than to spend a couple of hours each week in the company of lovely people. We are a very mixed bunch with total novices such as me and experienced cricketers who are always willing to help with support and advice. Along with that comes the banter, which I love. Secondly, there is the exercise. Nothing too strenuous but much better than sitting alone at home reading- or worse watching daytime TV. Oh the horror of that thought! It is helping me to continue with my recovery after a harsh treatment regimen, not just physically but mentally too. Depression is a real danger after the shock of cancer but being with other people and joining in with the game has helped to keep that at bay.

To find out more about Walking Cricket sessions, times and dates, Click here

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