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23 Jul

#RunAndTalk 22nd July 2019

Yesterday, 22nd July, YCF hosted anything dedicated #RunAndTalk run, in support of mental health.

The idea of #RunAndTalk is to get people taking about mental health and raise awareness of it, whilst also giving people access to all the mental health benefits running can bring. All dedicated #RunAndTalk runs end with a social element, so people get the chance to have a chat after the run.

For our warm-up activity, we wrote in chalk negative words that we associated with mental health, such as ‘Crazy’ and ‘mad’ and then we symbolically washed them away – by throwing water soaked sponges on them!

#RunAndTalk events are an England athletics run together initiative, working with charity Mind, so we thought it would be fitting to (attempt!) to run in the shape of the mind logo…

We ended the session with a chat over a cold bottle of water!

For more information about the YCF Running Club, contact


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