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14 Oct

Meet the Team: National Three Peaks

2019 marks the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s (YCF) 10 year anniversary, so as part of #YCF10for10 we will be taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge!

A team, made up of YCF, YCCC, YCB, Pro Coach staff, and friends, will be climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, with the hope of completing all three within 24 hours.

The total walking distance is 23 miles (37km) and the total ascent is 3064 metres (10,052ft) – twice the ascent of the Yorkshire Three Peaks, over a similar total walking distance. The total driving distance is 462 miles.

We’ll be using #YCF3Peaks and updating our social channels regularly, so you can keep up to date on how we are getting on!

Snowdon, in Wales (1085m)
Scafell Pike, in England (978m)
Ben Nevis, in Scotland (1345m)

If you wish to donate to the YCF, please Click here to our Just Giving Page

Alternatively, you can donate to an individual (please see below Just Giving links).

Meet the YCF National Three Peaks Team:

Neil ‘Trav’ Travis (Team Leader)

Neil, from DISCOVER EDVENTURE, will be there for all the team throughout the challenge!
Neil said:
I just love the outdoors on foot and on wheels and will be there for all the team during the three peaks (and so will Tony, but he’s camera shy).

Tom Bates

Job: Community Cricket Officer – Leeds (YCB)
Hobbies: Cricket!!!! Gym, Pub
Least looking forward too: the state of my feet!!????
Kit bag essentials: Socks and rehydration sachets
Best snack: Soreen malt loaf
Most looking forward when completed: Shower and a pint!

Joshua May

Job: Bartender & drinks menu developer at The Domino Club
Hobbies: Avid outdoors enthusiast & spend most of my time outside of work taking part in some sort of outdoor activity; rock climbing, running & hiking are some of the more common things to find me doing.
Least looking forward to: I don’t think there’s anything I’m not looking forward to. I’ve been excited about taking part since I first signed up!
Kit bag essentials: A few pairs of fresh socks & gloves. I can’t deal with cold fingers.
Best snack: Dark chocolate almonds & maybe a few bananas.
Most looking forward to when completed: After the challenge you’ll find me at the bar with a well earned shandy. The most refreshing drink after a long hike.

Click Here for Josh’s just giving page

Rachel Hildreth

Job: Community Cricket Officer delivering Chance To Shine for the YCB
Hobbies: Running , hiking with my dog Ruby, Playing Hockey and travelling.
Most looking forward to: Really looking forward to creating some great memories and completing the biggest challenge yet to date.
Least looking forward to: Not sure about hiking in the dark ,
Kit bag essentials: Comfy leggings and socks
Best Snack: Jam Sarnies and Mars Bars
Really looking forward to when complete: The Cider or Gin at the pub afterwards

Adrian ‘Mirf’ Mirfakhrai

Job: Creative Manager (YCCC)
Hobbies: Watching Barnsley FC. Playing football. Office Cricket.
Most looking Forward to: The views from the top of Snowdon on a clear day are amazing, knowing there’s no more climbing and then descending it towards a beer.
Least Looking Forward to: Any sideways rain. I’ve done the Yorkshire Three-Peaks before despite Met Office warnings and it wasn’t pretty.
Kit Bag Essentials: Spare Socks, Talc Powder, Wine Gums, Speaker for tunes.
Best Snack: Scotch Eggs – Everything you need in a ball of joy.
Looking Forward to after: The first beer hopefully Jeff Stelling and the boys for the 3pm kick offs.

Shannon Tarandij

Job: Full time student and community coach for YCF.
Hobbies: Judo.
Least looking forward to: Having an excuse to eat lots of food.
not looking forward to : Bad weather.
Kit bag essentials: Food!
Best snack: Boost bar.
Most looking forward to when finished the challenge: Sleeping and eating.

Lauren ‘Mudders’ Mudd

Job: Project Officer for BPA Management (YCF)
Hobbies: Enjoy spending time with family and friends in spare time.
Least looking forward to: Walking in bad weather.
Kit bag essentials: Food.
Best Snack: Chocolate.
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: Having a bath and sleeping.

Beth ‘Chef’ Cook

Job: Health and Wellbeing Manager for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.
Hobbies Collecting Dragon figurines.
Not looking forward to: I am most looking forward to not keeping Go Outdoors in business and discussing the best types of walking socks and if people are buying poles (and so on and so on…).
Least looking forward to: Using outdoor toilets…
Kit Bag essentials: Tissues.
Best Snack: all of them!
Most looking forward to after completing the challenge: I’m really looking forward to completing the National 3 Peaks and the sense of achievement that will come with it! That, pizza and beer.

Scott Neilson

Job: Retail Account Manager at Intermarketing, Headingley.
Most looking foreword to? Most looking forward to the views from the summits, when it’s not pitch-black, as well as the overall accomplishment.
Least looking forward to: The stiff legs and lack of sleep between the walks.
Backpack essentials? Camera, as I love a good landscape shot.
Best Snacks? Mars bar and lucozade to fuel the whole thing.
Most looking forward to once complete? A beer!

Click here for Scott’s Just Giving Page

Ben ‘Frazle’ Fraser

Job: Wicketz Development Officer (Leeds) for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.
Most looking foreword to? The views.
Least looking forward to: Hurting.
Backpack essentials? Water, carbs, extra pairs of socks and waterproofs.
Best Snacks? Tortellini.
Most looking forward to once complete? Share a beer and sleep!

Jane ‘Janey’ Hildreth

Job: Yorkshire Cricket Board Operations and HR Manager and Yorkshire County Cricket Club Yorkshire Diamonds General Manager and Lead for Women and Girls Cricket.
Hobbies: Running – Member of YCF RoseRunners, Travel and holidays.
Most looking foreword to? Looking forward to the challenge and being part of group on an adventure. Memories of doing my Duke of Edinburgh Awards keep coming back to me.
Least looking forward to: Not looking forward to/ most challenging will be climbing Scarfell by headtorch.
Backpack essentials? Top packing tip – put your spare clothes in waterproof bag inside your rucksack and pack some gloves. *Best Snacks?*Sainsburys Granola squares.
Most looking forward to once complete? A shower, a large beer and sleep.

Click Here Visit Jane’s Just Giving Page

Will ‘Sav’ Saville

Job: Head of Foundation at Yorkshire Cricket Foundation
Hobbies: Playing and watching sport (mainly cricket), seeing friends & family and finding awesome places for food.
Most looking foreword to? Ticking a challenge off my bucket list. Also them views if we have some decent weather.
Least looking forward to: Blisters, no sleep, thighs on fire, sweating like Nathon Lyon just about to miss a runout.
Backpack essentials? Lucozade, redbull, spare socks!
Best Snacks? Biltong and crunchies.
Most looking forward to once complete? A beer and a shower.

Mat ‘One T’ Carter-Woodhead

Job: Yorkshire Cricket College Tutor.
Most looking foreword to? The socialising…until people realise the magnitude e of what they have taken on.
Least looking forward to: The socialising… after people have realised the magnitude of what they have taken on.
Backpack essentials? Camel back.
Best Snacks? Kendal mint cake.
Most looking forward to once complete? Cold drink at the bar.

Kendal ‘Minty’ James

Job:Participation Manager for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation
Hobbies:Run a basketball club, Derbyshire diamonds, also play in the team, in the national league.
Most looking forward to:…Easy, that first sip of the first beer once completed!
Least looking forward to …How long you got? Getting out of the bus at the start, Middle and last hurdle!
Kit Bag Essentials: Waterproofs! Or in my case, pretend waterproofs!
Best snack: Kendal mintcake- chocolate version.
Most looking forward to once complete: …Honestly, never thinking about doing it again.

Bex Bisset

Job: Tutor at the Yorkshire Cricket College.
Hobbies: Fittness, box sets, Netflix.
Most looking foreword to? Completing it, the views.
Least looking forward to: Seizing up in between each walk.
Backpack essentials? Eyeliner.
Best Snacks? Flapjack.
Most looking forward to once complete? A celebratory beverage.

Click here for Bex’s Just Giving Page

Charlotte ‘Jonesy’ Jones

Job: Marketing and PR Officer for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.
Hobbies: Running, socialising, eating and drinking!
Most looking foreword to? Using all my new walking gear #Explorer
Least looking forward to: Travelling in between each peak because travel sicknesses is not a myth.
Backpack essentials? Lots and lots of water and waterproof EVERYTHING.
Best Snacks? Fruit pastels, Bananas, Flapjack and energy drinks.
Most looking forward to once complete? Hot shower, sitting down and a glass of red!

Treve Whitford

Job: Head of MarComms and Customer Experience at YCCC.
Hobbies: Formerly one half of the Chuckle Brothers.
What are you most looking forward to? Getting lots of fresh air and seeing some beautiful countryside.
Least looking forward to: The minibus trip between walks two and three.
Kit bag essentials: Anything that helps with the chafe.
Best Snack: Pork Pie with a little dollop of mustard would be wonderful!
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: That first sip of beer and sleep.

Sam Procter

Job: Construction Manager and run a small construction company in Skipton with my Dad.
Hobbies: Lots of walking, I’m ticking off all the Wainwright’s in the Lakes and very slowly working my way through Munros in Scotland. I’ve tackled all of the 3 peaks individually before. Other than that I do a bit of running, got a 10K in November, I play squash with mates, golf, road cycling (doing the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive next year) and I’m a drummer.
Most looking forward to: Tackling Scafell Pike in the dark with headtorches, a proper challenge in itself.
Least looking forward to: Not looking forward to the drive up to Fort William for Ben Nevis, I’ll be itching to get going and it will feel like its taking forever.
Kit bag essentials: a hip flask with some Laphroaig 10 year old whisky in it for a wee nip on the summits, plus a few bananas.
Best Snack: Probably have to say a Boost bar, you’re a bit limited otherwise it would be a Sausage Sandwich.
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: Most looking forward to the beers after we’ve completed it, can’t beat the sense of achievement of completing a walk and then sat in the local ale house discussing it all.

Click here for Sam’s Just Giving Page

Ku Bansil

Job: Physiotherapist at Yorkshire CCC.
Hobbies: Not walking, trekking or mountaineering! So this will be a challenge!
Most looking forward to: The satisfaction of reaching the top of Ben Nevis and hopefully taking in the views. I hope we get some clear weather. I love nature and the sense of perspective it brings to life! Oh, and beating Pete Sim to the top!
Least looking forward to: No doubt some form of lower limb tendinopathy and pain! It’ll be worth it though!
Kit bag essentials: No doubt being a physio I’ll be designated first aider! I’ll have a bag of essentials including compeeds, coban and ibuprofen.
Best Snack: Nuts for energy, bananas to stop cramp!
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: Team drinks in the bar!
Click here to see Ku’s Just Giving Page

Cecilia Allen

Job: Ticket & membership office manager at Yorkshire CCC.
Hobbies: In the winter I love playing hockey on a Saturday. I used to like playing cricket in the summer but it becomes less and less enjoyable when more and more you are out for a duck every game, so now I spend a lot of free time coaching others to hopefully give them the tools needed not to make the same mistakes I do.
Most looking forward to: I’m most looking forward to finishing the challenge unscathed and being able to enjoy eating pizza guilt free.
Least looking forward to: I’m least looking forward to the feeling of wishing I’d prepared more for the challenge.
Kit bag essentials: Judging by the list of attendees my kit bag essential will be ear plugs, unsure whether I’ll need them more for the walk or the bus.
Best Snack: Raw jelly.
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: I’m most looking forward to a beer whilst having a sit down shower.

Click here for Cecilia’s Just Giving Page

Sarah McQueen

Job: I work in the commercial team at Harlequins.
Hobbies: Passionate about developing opportunities for women in sport, I have been a trustee and volunteer for Sheffield Hatters basketball club for the last 10 years and am now enjoying working for Harlequins supporting the growth of women’s rugby.
Most looking forward to: Hopefully finishing it and seeing a fantastic sunrise.
Least looking forward to: The uphill. On going joke about my pace as I hit a hill. Trying my best to get quicker!
Kit bag essentials: My phone/camera for evidence!
Best Snack: A Mars recently helped me out mid way through a long walk so i’ll be packing one.
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: The feeling of completing it and raising money for a fab charity.

Click here for Sarah’s Just Giving Page

Pete Sim

Job: Strength and Conditioning Coach at YCCC.
Hobbies: Play hockey for Leeds Adel Hockey Club, play as much golf as possible! I’m from Windermere in the Lake District so walking in the mountains has been drilled into me since birth (with great reluctance as a child), but I now try to get back home and go walking as much as possible.
What are you most looking forward to? The look of pain on Kunwar Bansil’s face as he’s walking up Snowdon.
Least looking forward to? The inevitable rain!
Kit bag essentials? Allllllll the layers.
Best snack? Flapjack.
What are you most looking forward to when you have complete the challenge? Having a good excuse to eat and drink my bodyweight.
Click here for Pete’s Just Giving page

Nick Bondswell

Job: Senior Business Partner at Sheffield City Trust.
Hobbies: Out on the road on two wheels, either on a motorbike or bicycle.
Most looking forward to: Finishing it.
Least looking forward to: Starting it.
Kit bag essentials: Lycra to keep me warm.
Best Snack: Flapjack.
Most looking forward to after completing challenge: Seeing how much money has been raised.

Click here for Nick’s Just Giving Page

Adam Marsden

Job: Sales Executive, Dent Steel Services.
Hobbies: Playing Cricket and watching LUFC.
Most looking Forward to: Clear views at the top! (fingers crossed)
Least looking forward to: The hours spent on the mini bus seizing up!!!
Kit bag essentials: Haribo!
Best snack: Flapjack
Most looking forward to when completed: The first pint.


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