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18 Oct

Mac's Story

YCF have recently teamed up with Mac and the U3A to deliver Walking Cricket – all over Yorkshire!

He was put forward for an award at the Yorkshire Cricket Board’s OSCAs (Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards) and won ‘Most Inspiring and Diverse Cricket Offer.’

Read Mac’s Story here…

Mac McKechnie is a born and bred Yorkshireman – born in 1950 in Ripon, North Yorkshire. At age 15, he began an Army career spanning 15 years. During this period, cricket was his main sport and after retiring back in late 1979, he played in the Bradford League and avidly followed Yorkshire and England. Last year, Mac decided, after a spell in hospital, to get slightly fitter. He was already a member of Barnsley U3A, started a couple of their matches of walking football. After falling over for the second time playing walking football (and feeling the astroturf digging into his knee) it was then he thought ‘I wish this was my favourite sport – cricket’.

Several things were needed however: somewhere to play, equipment, an idea of what it would look like in terms of format and of course the most important component… some willing players. After Mac drummed up the interest, names were added to the list of players very quickly. This is when Mac got in touch with YCF Participation Manager, Kendal and a partnership was formed. So quickly in fact that the innovative has grown from one group in Barnsley, to two groups, with another recently forming in Doncaster. This initiative has grown like wild fire and has more groups showing an interest in setting up across Yorkshire – most notably in Rotherham, Wakefield and York.

At present, because of Mac’s commitment and passion, there are over 70 men and women playing walking cricket on a regular basis, either new to the game or returning to it. This project is so important to the retired folks because it is fun, active, social and an activity they can all find thoroughly enjoyable. Mac’s vision for the future is to continue to network of other walking cricket groups across our area, forming, in effect, a mini-league that can play against each other in to add interest.

Huge congratulations to Mac for creating something truly special! A very worthy OSCA winner!


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