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28 Oct

Yorkshire Cricket College Students take on NCS

Early September, and after a busy induction week, the new first year students at the Yorkshire Cricket College were probably expecting a slow start to their 2-year, BTEC level 3 at Emerald Headingley Stadium. The chance to slowly aquaint themselves with their new surroundings, get to know new classmates and weigh up the high expectations of both their tutors and coaches. How wrong they were!

Following the successful bid to deliver NCS, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation provided the students with the opportunity to throw themselves into college life; get to know, trust and learn from their peers, tutors and coaches. On Monday 9th September at 10am, 25 students filled 2 minibuses on their way to the Peak District for a 4-day residential to complete their first of three NCS phases.

Designed to put participants out of their comfort zone, phase 1 is full of outward bounds challenges, trust building exercises and team building tasks; the perfect recipe to get to know each other and bond over fear, the weather and amazing environment surrounding them. After each day, the sanctuary of the youth hostel provided a hearty meal and warm bed to rest and recuperate.

“The residential was very challenging but also very rewarding. It helped everyone get to know each other a lot faster than it would do at a normal college”

After returning to Emerald Headingley on Thursday afternoon, the students began their phase 2. A series of workshops focussing on careers, political awareness, social enterprise and a first aid qualification; delivers included BBC Sport and the Socially Conscious Company. The aim of these sessions is to provide skills required in adult life and provoke thought about future career goals and direction.

The third, final and arguably the most challenging phase of the programme tasked the group to plan, develop and deliver a social action project that benefitted the local community. Working in groups, the students conducted a mapping exercise of Headingley, citing a number of different issues in the local area. After healthy discussions, an agreement was made to try and raise awareness and change perceptions of homeless people was the subject they chose to focus on.

In their individual groups, focus was split into 4 areas – Research, Operations, Legacy and Media, with each group liaising to ensure a consistent message would be achieved. After hours of planning, the project was delivered on the streets of Headingley in the form of a sponsored ‘sit-out’ and handing out of informative leaflets to the public and in local shops to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people.

“Overall, the NCS experience has been an incredibly positive one for both our staff and the students. Friendships have been made that will last beyond their time at the Yorkshire Cricket College as will some of the lessons and experiences they have been through over the past month” Nick Robinson, Education Manager, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation.

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