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13 Dec

‘Walking Cricket’ continues to grow across Yorkshire

Walking cricket is an exciting new format new game that is growing across the county of Yorkshire. This adapted game of cricket has made this much-loved sport accessible to the older adults who may be part time-retired or retired. This has been done by modifying the rules to suit those people who have less mobility, which will then serve those with different abilities to get involved. No running is allowed in the game and it is also played with a softer ball.

In Yorkshire, this game was first introduced at two locations in Barnsley and Doncaster. Now the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) have expanded this project to Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Kirklees with a view to expand further across Yorkshire. This is great for the game as more participants will be involved in cricket and aware of the much-loved sport and it will bring them together as a community letting certain participants meet new people and socialise. The game can also be played inside or outside all year round, meaning participants can stay involved on a regular basis.

Walking cricket is a change for all the participants to get back into the sport they haven’t played for a while or get it a try for the very first time. Participants of Walking Cricket will take it turns to umpire, score and play, meaning they will keep their mind active whilst learning new skills that are attached to the game of cricket. After the session, participants are encouraged to chat over a tea or coffee so they can get to know one another and socialise.

This project is supported by the Kirklees council and U3A (University of third age) who help run the sessions. Working with these local partners help to build to community and ensure all sessions are run well.

For YCF participation enquiries, contact Kendal:


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