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13 Dec

Dalveer Sohal Success Story

Dalveer Sohal is a local girl from Leeds working at the Hamara Centre in Beeston as a Community and Youth project lead. She has been there for the last 4 years working on different projects with mixed youth from Beeston aged between 8-25. Dal was contacted by the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) to see if her attendees at her local ‘girls group’ session would be interested in the new all-female Cardio Cricket sessions set up by the YCF. So, she initially started by introducing it to her girls group and mentioned that she would attend as well.

Cardio Cricket is an initiative set up to help women who don’t normally take part in sport or physical activity, mainly from a South Asian background, to make a change and start to engage in one way or another. The fitness aspect focuses on basic cricket related exercises, mixed with playing cricket to help encourage women to take part in the sport.

The girls that attended really enjoyed the session and had a laugh with their friends in a different way to what they are normally used to resulting in them attending further sessions. However, there was one person who relished the sessions a little more and that was Dal herself. She remembered playing cricket at school with her friends and mentioned that she was ‘okay’ at it.

After a couple of the sessions, Milly, our community coach, was amazed at the natural talent Dal presented and asked her if she plays for a club. As the answer was no and the YCF were made aware, she was offered with an exit route and opportunity to join Alwoodley-Leos women’s softball team.

Dal started helping out at the Cardio Cricket sessions assisting in both the fitness and cricket-based activities. After showing an interest in developing and coaching, she was booked on to the New ECB Foundation 1 programme where she completed all the coaching modules to become an independent coach. Now qualified, she has taken over from Milly, who is moving on to a full-time role elsewhere, as lead coach for the Cardio Cricket sessions. This has been an incredible journey in such a short time, from not playing cricket since her school days to becoming a lead coach for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Cardio Cricket sessions.

If you would like any information about the Cardio Cricket sessions please contact:

I am grateful to the YCF for firstly giving my girls group this opportunity of playing cricket and also giving me the chance to participate myself and to coach these naturally talented females. I have always had the love for cricket but never really had the time or suitable environment to play however these sessions are perfect with an all-female enclosed setting. If there are any females out there who feel the same way I felt or would just like to meet new people, enjoy and have a laugh with a bit of informal cricket and fitness then I would highly recommend you come and give it a go!


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