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Peter's Story

Peter, who has been involved with the YCF’s Match Day Volunteering Team, the Yorkies, for a few years now, decided to take on one of our free training opportunities, in partnership with the Skills Network.

As part of YCF’s Health and Wellbeing offer, we work alongside the Skills Network, to give people the opportunity to get a nationally recognised qualification – for free.

Peter, who is part of the Yorkies (our match-day volunteer team), undertook the Equality and Diversity training and here’s what he had to say…

At the Volunteer’s Training day, Beth was keen to promote the concept that the Yorkie role could and should be more than handing out freebies to spectators, answering their questions and being the friendly face of Yorkshire Cricket. The Cricket Foundation had four main themes and we could play a part or learn from them. The two most significant here are Education and Health/Wellbeing.

Having reached the exalted age of 70 it didn’t take me long to realise that my learning and development had not suddenly stopped. Nor were they just for the young ‘uns to enhance their CVs or job prospects. My children and especially my grandchildren were growing up in a different environment to that which I had. It was either stick where I was or try and move with the times. As you can see I can even use “Word”.

I was luckier than most of my generation regarding “Equality”. My mother worked as a teacher when very few women worked, I went to mixed gender Junior and Secondary schools and an University with a subject that had equal balance of male/female students. On finding employment in the Civil Service, I was with an employer that preached Equal Opportunities – though it still had a lot to learn.

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