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2 Apr

YCF Running Club

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation #RoseRunners meet every Monday at 5.30pm outside the Yorkshire Cricket Centre and welcomes all abilities.

The primary aim of Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Running Club is to provide those in Leeds and surrounding areas an opportunity to improve their health; inclusive of physical, mental and social health and contribute to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity/75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per week.

The Foundation have tried to remove potential barriers for participation by ensuring the group is suitable for even the most novice of runners. By incorporating a variety of games and activities into sessions, the run leaders are breaking the monotony of road running and making it an enjoyable, social experience for those attending. The group is led by fully trained run leaders, with Run Leeds kindly supporting the Foundation and being on hand to offer practical running advice to those in need. Each session the group usually cover between 3k and 5k, using differentiated session types to suit the needs of the group.

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Running Club are the first of its’ kind in the area by being able to offer such close links to Yorkshire CCC for the longer-term group members.

Becoming a #RoseRunner has many perks and for just £20 per year, members receive:

-Free YCF Running Club T-shirt
-2 x YCCC match tickets
-Chance to enter organised run events
-Weekly runs and running advice
-Chance to raise money for The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and give back to the local community
-Chance to attend social events

If you would like to become a #RoseRunner, or would like a little bit more information, contact Beth on


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