Zain Ul Abdin - Community Development Officer (Bradford)

My role within the Foundation, as the Community Development Officer for Bradford, is to increase participation and retention by involving diverse communities into the programmes offered by the Foundation. I will be working closely with the Bradford community by implementing and developing initiatives that benefit the community and help them become more sustainably active in cricket.

I graduated from University of Bradford in 2019, where I studied Accounting and Finance. I then worked in the University of Bradford Students Union as the Sports and Wellbeing sabbatical officer, where I was responsible for the day-to-day management of over 35 sport clubs. I also worked closely with the senior management of the university to make the university experience better for the students.

In my free time, I play cricket in Huddersfield League and run my own cricket team in Bradford. I also play football and badminton and do voluntary coaching at my local cricket club.