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17 Nov

Women's league launched for the first time in community

“It’s great to see the women progress from our weekly Cardio Cricket sessions to the inaugural indoor women’s league.” – Sohail Raz, Diverse Communities Manager for YCF

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) are celebrating the launch of a ‘first of it’s kind’ league in Leeds bringing women together from different communities.

The Foundation recently launched a new indoor women’s softball league, with matches and the venue designed to work around and support women in the community.

The Leeds-based league is a huge stride and progression for the local women who started attending weekly Cardio Cricket sessions, run by YCF, a year ago and are now playing in a competitive league.

Youngsters participating in this league who may aspire to play develop their cricketing skills can benefit from the fact that all of the teams are made up of women of varying ages, while the league also caters for varying abilities.

The Leeds-based league is progression from the YCF weekly Cardio Cricket sessions, for participants who want to play more competitive cricket.

Sohail Raz, Diverse Communities Manager, for the YCF and the organiser of this league, said: “It’s great to see the women progress from our weekly Cardio Cricket sessions to the inaugural indoor women’s league that is fiercely competitive.

“I hope to see this develop over the years and encourage more women to join our cardio programmes and play cricket. The players gave it their all over the first two weeks of the league, and at no point did it seem as though they were participating in a league for the first time.

“Each team is equally strong and has a good mix of youth and experience.”


Teams: Cardio Beeston (CB), Cardio Harehills (CHH), Cardio Hyde Park (CHP), Dream Big Desi Women (DBDW), Ekta Eagles (EE), and UFCC are the six teams taking part in the first season.

Venue: Old Cockburn Sports Hall, Leeds.

The league is structured in a round-robin format with games played on Sundays from 5-8pm over the course of five weeks.

The top four teams advance to the semifinals.

Week 1 results

Match 1 – CHP beat CHH by 17 runs.
Match 2 – CB beat EE by 43 runs.
Match 3 – DBDW beat UFCC by 25 runs.

Week 2 results

Match 4 – DBDW beat EE by 14 runs.
Match 5 – CHH beat CB by 12 runs.
Match 6 – CHP beat UFCC by 31 runs.

The YCF run a number of different indoor leagues supporting participants in the community.

To find out more and to get involved, please click on the link below:

YCF: Indoor Cricket Leagues


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