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Cricket Foundation

School Assemblies

Yorkshire CCC cricketers provide a unique insight into the life of a professional sports person and how they enjoyed their own education!

The Player Assemblies were first delivered in 2015 after Yorkshire CCC’s first championship win in 13 years. The Championship trophy was taken to each school lucky enough to benefit from an assembly and the themes of each assembly were dictated by the individual school and the topics chosen by the children.

Theme’s range from balancing education and sport, how the players stay fit and healthy – from exercise to nutrition, the pros and cons of being a professional sports person and what path they may have taken if they hadn’t made it as a player.

Player Assemblies aim to inspire children through aspirational stories of success and educate in areas of health and wellbeing.

For more information on how your school can enjoy a player visit, please contact or call on 01132033632