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Cricket Foundation

Work Place Wellbeing

Being well at work!

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) are providing Yorkshire Cricket staff with opportunities to stay active, relax and improve wellbeing throughout the year through a range of groups and sessions.

In 2015, it was estimated that presenteeism cost the UK £15.1billion. Presenteeism refers to an individual functioning at less than optimum capacity whilst at work and has a much greater impact on productivity than absenteeism. At the YCF, we strongly believe that enabling staff to take part in activity is a preventative measure for possible stress in the workplace.
The YCF offer staff the opportunity to take part in YCF Running Club, weekly yoga sessions and table tennis. All of these activities have known health benefits, not only physical but mental and social.

For further information on the Health and Wellbeing work at the YCF, or how we could work with you to facilitate workplace wellbeing within your organisation, please contact Beth on