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Mums and Tots

Introducing activity to Mums and tots!

Mums and tots was a six-week project we piloted in June 2018, at Hovingham Primary school. The sessions took place every Thursday, between 9-10am.

The point of the sessions, which were free to attend, were to use sport to bring local mums together to reduce social isolation and give them to chance to meet each other whilst taking part in something active, that had a childcare provision.

Hovignham Primary assisted with advertising the sessions to those who they thought would most benefit from them, including reproducing flyers in several languages. They also provided tea, coffee and breakfast for those taking part.

As the sessions proved to be a huge success with those who attended, we ran another six-week programme in November.

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“If we weren’t here then myself and my daughter would just normally be in the house and it’s so good to see her interacting with other children” – Mums & Tots attendee