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Cricket Foundation

YCF Heritage Team

We are extremely proud of our cricketing heritage and we work to preserve it in order to keep the cricketing legacy alive for future generations.

The Yorkshire Cricket History and Heritage team look after the development and maintenance of the Yorkshire Cricket Archive.

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Yorkshire Cricket Archive

A collection of cricket artefacts, documented evidence, ephemera and memorabilia.

The Yorkshire Cricket Archive comprises a collection of cricket artefacts, documented evidence, ephemera and memorabilia tracing the history and development of cricket in the county from its origins to date, whilst supporting the Foundation’s aspirations of community engagement and social cohesion, enabling it to:

• place cricket in a range of different contexts – social, cultural, economic, political – to serve the Foundation’s aims, whilst helping the understanding of the importance and relevance of the sport to people’s lives;

• maintain a record of cricket in Yorkshire, evidenced through writing, documentation and artefacts;

• sustain and engender research, meeting the needs of academic communities, constituencies of interest, and of the general public;

• develop and deliver a range of outputs, including (but not limited to) exhibitions, events, publications, online engagement, and educational and community resources;

• support the public understanding of social and sporting history across Yorkshire’s communities;

• promote the past, present and future value of cricket to Yorkshire’s communities, making the county’s clubs and leagues more resilient and aware of their heritage, and its potential and importance;

• celebrate the contribution that cricket, the county club and its great players, past and current have made to the identity of Yorkshire.