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National Citizen Service (NCS)

NCS is a once in a lifetime educational programme for young people, aged 15 to 17.

What is NCS?

National Citizen Service has become the country’s fastest growing youth movement with more than 600,000 graduates to date.

The programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you cannot miss if you are aged between 15 and 17 years old. It is your chance to take part in adrenaline-fuelled adventure activities, make new friends, learn about yourselves and make a positive change to your local community. 90% of young people say that they would recommend NCS to a friend.

Is NCS for Me?

Taking place throughout July and August, and including a 5 day/4 night residential trip, NCS gives you the opportunity to take on new challenges and develop new skills through team-building exercises and outdoor adventure activities, increasing your confidence and aspirations, whilst giving them the opportunity to make a real difference to your local community and a chance to make new friends.

NCS provides you with the skills which employers value and UCAS recommends putting NCS on your personal statements. Whether your sights are set on university, apprenticeships or getting straight into the working world, signing up to NCS is one of the best decisions you can make.

How is it Structured?

NCS is a two-week experience that is split into 4 different phases:

We start with a bang – you will be travelling away from the area to have a go at adrenaline fuelled activities such as Rock Climbing, Abseiling and Caving… Scared of heights? Not to worry, we never force you to do anything. Just do a little more than you think you can do.

Want a free shot at adult life without the boring responsibilities? This is your chance… You’ll be learning lots of new skills such as self-defence, meeting inspirational people and hanging out with friends both new and old. You’ll also be learning all about your community giving you the opportunity to ‘Do Good’ in your community.

This phase will be spent planning and delivering a social action project to benefit your local community. Whatever cause or issue is close your heart; you’ll be in charge of making a positive difference to the world. This could be fundraising, raising awareness, or volunteering your time… its completely up to you!

Taking place after the programme has finished, this is your chance to catch up with all your fellow NCS grads, reflect on your achievements and receive a certificate signed by the Prime Minister.

NCS Graduations | November 2022

Leeds – Headingley Stadium – Friday 4th November
Skipton & Keighley – Hotel Rendezvous – Thursday 10th Nov
Richmond – Richmond Cricket Club – Wednesday 16th November

Book your graduation spot by emailing:

How do I get involved in NCS?

If you are interested in NCS or would like some more information, please email Alex Hipkins, the NCS manager, for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation on:

Email: /

And/or visit the to sign up online.