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Cricket Foundation

BPA Management Team

Building Bradford’s Community

The Bradford Park Avenue Management Team gives 20 young people, aged 16-21 the opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications, tailored to their personal development.

The BPA Management team will be responsible for organising, delivering and assisting on events held at Bradford Park Avenue Cricket ground, to increase community engagement.

It’s not all about Cricket…the BPA Management team incorporates young people who are interested in marketing, graphic design, events, heritage and more!

All 20 young people throughout this programme have had opportunities given opportunities to learn new skills, get new qualifications and knowledge within areas of their interests.

The BPA Management Team have collected aided on events, designed their own kit, prodcued marketing materials and have produced an end of project video.

Course & workshops
In 2019, the group took part in over 15 courses that all offered a variety of transferable skills. These include:

- Safeguarding – First Aid – Foundation one coaching badge – Photography – Graphic design – Public speaking – Changing behaviours – CV writing – Leadership & confidence – Video editing – Social media & marketing workshop – Safehands training – Interviewing training – Social identity workshops

Qualifications & skills
The team of 20 now has:
3 qualified cricket coaches (foundation one level)
9 individuals safeguard qualified
10 First aiders
4 volunteers now helping at Wicketz cricket sessions

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