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7 Apr

YCF Community Heritage Crowdfunder

Can you help support our Heritage Crowdfunder to allow our sporting reminiscence to continue within the community?

Cricket is a unifying force for good in a socially and culturally diverse county, and engenders a source of immense and shared pride in Yorkshire folk. However, over 70,000 people are living with dementia in Yorkshire and The Humber, and there are many more suffering social isolation, loneliness and exclusion.

We want to play an active part in using the power of community heritage to fight these social ills in our county.

Over the past year, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation has developed a range of educational resources for free use in local schools, covering subjects including Art, English and Maths.

We have developed and sustained well attended reminiscence sessions evoking memories of strong emotions to benefit people living with dementia, depression and loneliness. Through the sessions we talk about sporting memories, take part in picture quizzes and most importantly have fun!

This has generated many significant health and social benefits for families and communities in the process; combatting social isolation, building new friendships and re-connecting the young and old alike with their local cricket clubs.

Many of these clubs represent the oldest examples of ‘living heritage’ in their vicinity and have some fantastic stories to tell, as a result.

Our venture is about so much more than cricket – its aim is to harness the power and relevance of local cricket heritage held by clubs, helping and equipping them with the skills to uncover, preserve and celebrate this valuable resource and most importantly use this to create educational and reminiscence programmes to reach out all who live in the communities they serve.

This project will help to reposition these clubs at the heart of the community and support them whilst creating a bridge with between the county club and the local communities throughout Yorkshire.

Whilst the sessions are popular, unfortunately, the resources we have to maintain and develop these activities is currently very limited.

We are asking for our local community to help support this initiative
and make a donation to ensure the sessions and our work can continue.

To support our initiative please click here


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