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29 Jul

Graeme's Story - Follow Up

Earlier this year we launched our Mental Health Awareness campaign, Howstha? where we are helping to create awareness on the topic of mental health and reduce the associated stigma across communities in Yorkshire.

We previously spoke to Graeme when he first joined the campaign about his gambling addiction and mental health. We caught up with him again so we could get an indication of what the course has taught him.

“My name is Graeme Love, aged 27. I live in Bingley, work in Bradford. Outside of work the majority of my time is taken up by cricket.”

We then asked Graeme what he thought of the course.

“The course taught me that mental health and the issues surrounding it are not as simple as black and white. It showed me that there are a wide range of mental health issues, along with the support and coping mechanisms that go with them. I found the course enjoyable and eye opening, it allowed me to broaden my own understanding of mental health.”

He then mentioned how this course will help him in the future and if he would recommend this to other people.

“As I did in some instances when answering questions, I will use the work done on course in everyday life situations. Not that I have ever been one to judge anyway, but rather than jumping to conclusions about something it will allow me to think as to why. The course has helped me to develop my own understanding of the different types of mental health. I would recommend the course to others as it is educational, informative and covers all aspects of mental health.”


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