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22 Aug

Q & A: Charlotte Hughes - Heritage Manager

One of Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s vital themes of work is Heritage – with the theme’s vision to care for, manage, develop and promote Yorkshire Cricket’s rich history and heritage.

Currently we are proud to make this history and heritage accessible through: the Yorkshire Cricket museum and exhibitions; a mobile museum; its extensive collection and archive; stadium tours; and reminiscence sessions.

Introducing Charlotte Hughes, who spearheads our heritage theme as YCF’s Heritage Manager.

Charlotte, who started with our team in May, and has previous experience working in the heritage sector, hopes to use her knowledge and skills to further progress YCF’s heritage scheme, while expanding our impact across the county through increasing the number of volunteers, opportunities and ensuring the day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Charlotte spoke about her journey with YCF…

What inspired you to take on the role?

“I have a masters in Culture Heritage Management and have previously worked for York Army Museum as a curator – with this experience I was keen to get back into heritage and give myself a new challenge with this role at the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF) being the perfect fit.

“This role is really good as it encompasses all the different things you can do with a museum and being within a sports place is very different to roles I have had previously so I thought that would be interesting.

“I knew before joining the great history that Yorkshire County Cricket Club (YCCC) has, so sharing this heritage is important and a new challenge for me – anywhere you look into has heritage to some extent.”

Has this role been rewarding for you?

“I have found my time being Heritage Manager at YCF very rewarding so far, particularly on the operational side, as our museum is open during every cricket fixture in the season.

“We use the Yorkie team to help with the museum and it has been very rewarding to see them flourish in their roles – for me to play a part in that makes me very proud.

“The recent test match against New Zealand was a personal highlight and another very rewarding moment – the atmosphere and participation within the museum was really good, we launched a heritage trail which 300 people engaged with,
which has been a great achievement to date.”

Pictured, from left Mel Reuben, a Yorkies volunteer, alongside Charlotte Hughes, the YCF Heritage Manager and Richard Griffiths, who is also a Yorkies volunteer during the New Zealand Test Match.

What are you aims for the future?

“I’ve only been a post a few months, but I have big intentions for our Heritage Theme.

“My main aim at the moment is to get the museum officially accredited which it is currently not – I hope in doing this it will increase footfall in the museum and help further spread interest and awareness.

“And in order to gain a wider audience, a digital museum is something I am currently pushing for – this will allow people from all over the world to access our museum as well as being more engaging for younger audiences.

“I also would like to work with other museums and exhibitions, this will have several benefits including increased funding and will enable us to take on any inspiration or advice given to help improve our museum.

In July, Charlotte launched our Stadium Tour booking online for the first time through a third-party host.

Charlotte said: “With this first step complete, we are now looking to expand the offerings we have for tours, to introduce different levels, all the way from school groups to experts.”

The Heritage theme is also currently recruiting for it’s Heritage Advisory Group, a group that will be advising Charlotte with all aspects of the direction that the Heritage theme is taking.

Charlotte is also keen to utilise our Yorkshire Cricket Mobile Museum again post pandemic.

She said: “I am keen to get this great asset back out there. With the work we are about to undertake with our collection, I hope we are able to exhibit in a representative way, to take that exhibition material away from Headingley, and begin to spread the benefits of the heritage of such a major sport far beyond the walls of its museum.”

To find out more about our Heritage theme please click on the link below:

The YCF Heritage programme

& you can apply to be on our Heritage Advisory Group HERE


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