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20 Aug

Welcoming Michael Wilshaw!

We want to say a big welcome to Michael Wilshaw, our new trustee member for the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation. Michael is proud to join the Board and we are ecstatic to have him work with us. He has a lot of experience, skills and contacts in Public Health and the NHS. His aims are to help develop Yorkshire Cricket’s positive impact in improving the health of local communities.

“It’s fantastic that Michael has agreed to join the board of trustees at the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation. We’re very much committed to offering high impact health schemes that really make a difference in our communities. Michael’s skills and experience are perfect in helping us to develop our offer.” -Will Saville, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Manager.

Michael has many years’ experience in senior management roles in healthcare and international business consulting.

Operationally, he has managed hospital services and has significant experience in delivering turnaround programmes and performance improvement in challenged organisations.

Strategically, he has developed policy within the Department of Health, working at Ministerial advisory level and with the Prime Ministers Decision Unit.

He has also helped company’s develop high value services to support the NHS and has built and led leadership development programmes for clinicians on a national scale.

‘It’s a real privilege to be asked to directly support Yorkshire Cricket and the Foundation. It’s a great time to be strengthening the relationship between professional cricket and health and wellbeing services. The vision for how Yorkshire Cricket intends to do more and more service for the community is very compelling and it’s great to be able to play a part in it.’ –Michael Wilshaw, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation Trustee Member.


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