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3 Feb

South Asian Communities Project Update!

Over the Christmas period, Zara sports centre in Bradford held a specific South Asian Course aimed at South Asian communities from the Leeds and Bradford area.

Many of the new participants had previously completed cricket activators or a coach supports workers course prior to this in order to get a flavour of cricket coaching.

Participants ranged from groups and clubs such as the Hamara Community Centre and some potential new coaches from Bowling Old Lane. In addition to this, female coaches Hannah, Maryam and Sadhia, all from the South Asian Community were involved.

In the future coaches are hoping to work on Women’s and Girls cricket in and around the Leeds Bradford.

‘The standard of candidates was of a high calibre and a joy to work with.’ -Kevin Gresham Coach Education Y.C.B.

The lead tutors on the course were Yusef Karolia and Ashley Metcalfe with modules run over the November and December period and the assessment early January.

The main aim of the course was to ensure that all new coaches would work in the community volunteering on the B.M.E development Centres when the sessions begin in the new year.

“Doing the cricket course has really boosted my confidence to deliver enjoyable activities for children. I have been able to learn the process of making all activities person centred and appropriate to age and ability. I would not hesitate in recommending this course to others who want to help young people enjoy and achieve.” -Maryam, Coach.

The Lightwaves course will begin in January and, with more new coaches to follow in the Wakefield Dewsbury Area the signs look good for Coach Education and Coaches from the South Asian Community.


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