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18 Oct

Memory Lane Mondays – On the Road!

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation have taken Memory Lane Mondays on the road the last two months, visiting existing Dementia Cafés in the surrounding areas.

To give people a taster of a Sporting Memories session, the YCF have attended existing Dementia Cafés in Headingley and Bramley to give service users an insight into the work we do as well as encouraging people to talk openly about their experiences of Yorkshire and sport in particular.

A typical Sporting Memories session includes photographs and memorabilia as well as a few ice breaker activities to get conversation flowing. After that, it’s all about maintaining conversation with a few cups of Yorkshire tea along the way!

“Sport and leisure are a fantastic way of getting people talking as everyone has at least one sports related experience! I’ve found that a lot of people think they do not know a lot about sport, but given the right prompts and conversation they are able to recount in great detail their sporting experiences, whether it be a school sports day or even playing out with friends.” Beth Cook, Foundation Project Officer.

Sport is used as the tool to get people talking, however conversations usually expand further and people are able to reminisce on significant times in their lives.

“The activities we use in Sporting Memories cafés are varied. Sometimes sessions take on a particular theme depending on what’s going on in the sporting world at the time. For example, during the summer, we held an Olympic themed session which led to several conversations, including politics. One group member shared with us that they had been fortunate enough to attend the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games and how much of an amazing, yet eye opening experience it was. Another member of the group told us how much he enjoyed visiting London during the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.” Beth Cook, Foundation Project Officer.

Memory Lane Mondays will continue as normal at Headingley Stadium next month on Monday 14th November at 1:30pm. The group is not exclusive to those living with dementia. We encourage carers and family members to come along and join in! If you would like to attend, or think someone you know would be interested, please contact Beth on


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