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10 May

Loop In the Community

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation are providing casual table tennis participation opportunities at Headingley Stadium!

To increase physical activity provision within the Yorkshire Social Club, the Foundation have been provided with Table Tennis equipment through the “Loop in the Community” programme established by Table Tennis England.

Table tennis provides a form of physical activity that will greatly improve mobility, co-ordination and upper body strength and in turn, reduce the risks of falls through improved balance. In addition to physical well-being, table tennis has a unique effect on cognitive health in both those living with ill mental health, and those looking to prevent symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

“We are looking forward to launching this programme as it is the first step in incorporating physical activity to the Yorkshire Social Club offering. By launching this on a fixture where we have given tickets to service users of elderly action groups in Yorkshire, we hope to encourage many to take part!” Beth Cook, Foundation Project Officer.

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation will be launching their programme on Tuesday 16th May before the Royal London One Day game against Leicestershire. This service will be available to all attending the game and will be taking place in Classroom 2 in the East Stand from 12:30pm.

The table will also be accessible for members of staff at Headingley Stadium during lunch hours to offer an opportunity to contribute to the suggested weekly physical activity levels of 150 minutes moderate or 75 minutes intense. Table tennis aids concentration and creativity which will contribute significantly to the staff at the grounds.

For further information on the programme, please contact Beth on


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