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5 Jun

RJC Dance Confirmed for Education Day

RJC Dance is a leading inclusive dance organisation with youth development & education at the heart of our work. Based at the Mandela Centre, Chapeltown, Leeds, we develop the creative potential of young people by offering regular opportunities to dance, perform & achieve. In addition, we are a key contributor to the health & well-being of our neighbourhood, city and nation through delivering innovative approaches to movement alongside provision of community dance initiatives and dance in education work.

Youth development and education is at the heart of our work and we are committed to vitality, active participation, creativity and renewal. We seek to inspire, nurture and develop the next generation of diverse artists working in partnership with national organisations to develop the diversity of Black British dance as a valued art form.

Rooted in equality and cultural diversity, RJC Dance engages young people from all backgrounds and provides new, different and life-changing experiences.

What will their workshop involve?

Every year Education Day is themed around the International Test team playing at Headingley that year. This year England will be taking on the West Indies on 25th-29th of August. All 600 children attending Education day will take part in RJC Dance’s West Indies Dance workshop.

The day will end with a grand finale where all children will come together on the pitch at the end of the day to perform as a group.


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