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29 Jun

Round 2: Cottingham vs Hepworth

After an impressive start to the season by Hepworth Idle in round one, they were out to further their lead at the top of the table with a trip Cottingham Old Boys in this second round of the Grey Foxes competition. The Old Boys were looking for their first win of the season with a win at home match to bump them off the bottom spot and get their season on the way.

Cottingham took to the field in the first innings, with a plan to keep Hepworth at bay. Easter and Parker were the opening bowlers against Allen and Pedder, the batting pair. It looked to be a shaky start from the Idles, with Allen being caught for 7 runs. However, Pedder his opening partner was soon to make up for it, amounting 32 runs. Although some impressive batting from the 9-man team, it wasn’t enough against the Old Boys, leaving the field with 188 runs in the 29th over.

The Old Boys came out strong, ready for their first win with the opening pair of Ward and Killgallon. Some impressive batting lead to the pair retiring, putting the pressure on Hepworth to improve their bowling. However, they managed to get Cottingham under control as the runs slowly ticked over the scoreboard. A good all round performance from the fielding of the Idles meant Cottingham struggled to get back up and running, with the game ending in the 30th over on 157 runs.

Although an impressive performance from both sides, Hepworth Idles walked away with the points. This pushes them clear at the top with 2 points clear. Cottingham Old Boys will still be looking for a win in the last round of the competition, as they take on Mirfield Harry Lime, whilst Hepworth host Harden, as they look to secure their place at the top.


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