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4 Sep

Meet The Yorkshire Cricket College Tutor

The Yorkshire Cricket College is the first of it’s kind here at Headingley. It gives students of the college the opportunity to study for two years at the home of Yorkshire Cricket, to gain their BTEC Level 3 in sport, as well as training in the world class facilities and professional environment that Yorkshire County Cricket Club has to offer.

We caught up with Bex Bissett, who teaches the BTEC Level 3 in Sport to see what plans she has in place…

The college has officially started! What can we expect from it?

I’ve got really high expectations of the college and the students. The whole grounds and facilities are stunning, I just want to get the student started and stuck in with the work and, of course, the cricket training.

Tell us a bit about your background

My whole background is sport. I went to Sheffield Hallam University and studied sports science and performance coaching. I then got my PGCE to become a qualified teacher and worked as a college tutor at York college and now here I am!

So why will the Yorkshire Cricket College be so different to any other?

I’m going to be the only tutor, so it means I’ll understand the students a lot more. Having a more one-on-one approach makes the learning more personal and they can direct questions straight to me and get their answers, rather than having to wait for other tutors to get back to them.

How will students benefit from being in a professional environment here at Headingley?

I think it will make them more mature in a lot of ways. I think they understand the prestigious state of the college and they respect that. I think seeing the professional players walking around and using and working in the same facilities as them will help them understand they will need to be respectful towards them and they will gain respect back, it’s a two-way deal. So I really do think that they will mature a lot more than they would in a regular college environment.

What can we expect from the modules and assessments?

A lot of work! It’s all assessment based and no exams so it will be anything from posters, presentations, written work, essays etc. As for the modules, you can expect anatomy and physiology, fitness, fitness testing, technical and tactical aspect of the sport right through to, in the second year, nutrition and bio mechanics.

Will there be any industry professional guest speakers?

We’ve not released any in the timetable yet, but I’m wanting to maybe get some of the professional cricketers in to tell their story and how they got where they are. We’re also really lucky with our coaches, who come from professional backgrounds. The head of academy coach has come from a professional background, so I think this will help the students see the opportunities that they have around them and available to them, from the college itself. It’s very different from other colleges, as they are working with professionals and ex-professionals, who can steer them in the right direction.

What are the students options after the two year qualification?

They have lots of options once they have got their qualification. They can go to University or start a careers and we’ll guide them on whatever path they choose. If they choose to go to Uni, we can sit down help students with UCAS points, applications, choosing the right place for them or if they are wanting to get into a coaching career, for example, we can help them determine what the next steps are, what additional qualifications they will need. It’s about understanding what they want, what is right for them and then how we can help achieve their goals.

Will there be any work experience opportunities available to college students?

Yes absolutely! It will be worked into the timetable. It will hopefully mostly be based here at Yorkshire CC, whether it be working with the teams, in different departments, with YCF to see the charity side, with the grounds team. The students should get a good mix. The students should be proud to learn here and be a part of Yorkshire CC, so whether it be working on a morning, afternoon or evening, they will get to experience what goes on behind the scenes to keep a professional club running.


For more information on the college or how to enrol, contact or via 0113 2033 632


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