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27 Oct

Yorkshire Lottery: £12,000 won in Stump Challenge!

A long-term Yorkshire supporter has won £12,000 in our Annual Jackpot Draw for the Yorkshire Pride Lottery. However, this was not your regular lottery win…

This year, six Yorkshire Lottery Members were picked at random as finalists. We then asked six Yorkshire Cricket College students to compete in a ‘Stump Challenge’. Each student represented a finalist and took it in turns to knock over the stumps, with the first one to successfully knock over the stumps being crowned the winner.

When contacted about the success, the winner said:

“I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never won anything before, I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve been a Yorkshire Pride Lottery Member for a long time, did not expect to get a penny back. I just joined lottery to support the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, so it’s a bit of a surprise to receive a call telling you that you have won £12,000!

In terms of spending the winnings, I have 3 children, so will share some with them. I’ve not really thought what else I will do yet, I’m just chuffed to have won! I’d also like to say a big thanks to the college lad who won the Stump Challenge for me!”

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Check out the stumps challenge video below:


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