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13 Apr

Yoosuf's Story

Yoosuf, 8, has been attending Wicketz Yorkshire at the Karmand centre, Bradford, since its debut in January 2018. At the end of one of the sessions, Yoosuf’s Mum contacted coaches to let us know that in the 7 sessions he has attended, his confidence has rocketed significantly.

Yoosuf has a speech delay impairment which prevents him from communicating clearly with others. His Mum – who attends every session with Yoosuf – has noted that Yoosuf is brimming with confidence and willingness to communicate with other children and coaches believes this is the result of partaking in sessions that make him feel a part of the group.

“He has gone from being very quiet and needing help from mum to communicating with other children and batting independently in the big game at the end.” – Nasa Hussain, Diverse Communities Officer, Bradford

“Yoosuf has shown willingness and enthusiasm by helping out the coaches with packing up equipment at the end, and off his own accord.”- Mushy Shah, Wicketz Coach

“Yoosuf has engaged a lot more in the sessions, he is always first through the doors wanting to start. I’ve heard his mum say that he never wants to leave at the end of the session. Out of choice he has participated a lot more in the big game at the end.” -Lauren Mudd, Wicketz Coach

We had a chat with Yoosuf’s mum, Khatoon, who told us more…

Before the Wicketz project was Yoosuf involved in any other projects/sessions outside of school?

I take him to football on a Saturday and swimming on a Tuesday and Thursday, but I’ve seen such a difference in his since he started Wicketz.

How has taking part in the Wicketz project in 2 months affected Yoosuf?

He now really looks forward to it. I’ve actually bought him a bat and ball at home, so he’s actually playing at home as well as coming up here – he’s really looking forward to it!

Has the change in Yoosuf at the Wicketz sessions taken place outside of the sessions?

Yes, outside of the sessions, he is definitely more confident. You can see now that he can run by himself rather than someone supporting him – when he started the staff supported him to run and bat with him. As a parent I’ve noticed this difference.

Yoosuf talks about Wicketz with the PE teacher. I got the leaflet for the first session from the school reception.

What has been the biggest positive changes in Yoosuf at the Wicketz session and outside of it?

Actually seeing him act independently and that’s what I want for him. As a parent that’s what you want, every parent has a dream, their child to be independent, to do things for themselves. We’ve got to go one day and if your child can do well for themselves and be independent and look after themselves, that’s the main thing for a parent!

What is different about Wicketz?

I think definitely this session has helped. There are some older and younger children. The staff are really really nice at Wicketz and at the Karmand Centre. To have that good relationship with the children from a younger age, welcoming them especially – that has helped, he is now always looking forward to the session!

What made you come to Wicketz in the first place?

I’m not that far from the Karmand Centre and the timing is good, I take him somewhere else to read before and I actually stay with him. Since attending the sessions, he’s loved it. Even when the snow was really bad he wanted to come!

Nasa was really surprised to see him holding the bat correctly at his Sunday session. The staff have actively encouraged my son and praised him, and that’s what children need.

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