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8 Feb

Couch 2 5K: We're half way there!

We’re at the half way point in our 10 week challenge: Couch 2 5K.

Here’s how we’re getting on…

It’s been a busy 5 weeks…Following our trusty Couch 2 5K handbook, we have been busy running, busy walking, busy chatting, busy making friends, busy improving our physical health, busy warming up, busy increasing our energy, busy promoting mental wellbeing, busy stretching and so, so much more!

The changes in the YCF C25K Challengers that we have witnessed have been great! And this isn’t just within their running…

Our C25K Challengers have commented on having more energy, being able to get up the stairs without loosing their breath, making new friends and perhaps most importantly, feeling happier!

Ben who is the group’s Run Leader, leading the programme, spoke about how they’d been getting on:

The group have positively progressed to running non-stop for 5 minutes – one of the first big barriers to break on the C25K programme! And onto 20-whole minutes this week too!

Friendly competition, lots of high fives and the camaraderie of running together has undoubtedly helped!

Pictured above: Couch to 5k Challengers with some YCF #RoseRunners running for mental health awareness in our #RunAndTalk event earlier this week!

“Week upon week they continue to impress me, adding to their impressive attitude level and determination, and continuing to perform well as runs get longer and more difficult! They rise to every challenge and give it all they’ve got!

They’re a lovely group of people who are inspiring me to challenge myself too, which is what it’s all about!”

– Jess, Health and Wellbeing Project Officer and founder of the YCF Couch to 5k Challenge.

Week 10, the final week, is fast approaching, during which the Couch to 5k Challengers will be running their first-ever 5k distance!

Following on from this they will be completing their first ever parkrun! Keep your eyes peeled on the YCF website and social media for our Park Run TAKEOVER…

or more information on the YCF Couch to 5k Challenge contact Jess via


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