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18 Jun

White Rose helps Hull's communities flourish

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation (YCF), charitable arm of Yorkshire CCC, has launched Wicketz in Hull this year in a hope to bring Cricket into the heart of Hull’s communities and use the sport for social development.

Wicketz is a national Lord’s Taverners funded programme, run in Yorkshire by the YCF. Following the success of the programme in Leeds and Bradford, which began back in December 2017, Wicketz has now expanded to Hull, with three different hubs stretched across the city.

The core idea behind Wicketz is it provides free, accessible sessions in areas of deprivation and uses the power of cricket to develop crucial life skills, create stronger communities and tackle local social issues.

Wicketz is volunteer-led, upskilling people in the local community, with personal development opportunities, including coaching qualifications, making the project even more community-focused and sustainable.

Each city that Wicketz operates in has a dedicated Community Development Officer, who runs the hubs and is familiar with the needs of the area and works closely with the children who attend the sessions, many of which are from hard-to-reach groups.

Rick Robinson, Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, is the Hull Wicketz Development Officer. He commented:

“It’s a really exciting opportunity to bring cricket into the heart of Hull’s communities, at grassroots level. With three new hubs stretching across the city and the fact that the sessions are free to attend, means it’s completely accessible to any child that wants to give cricket a go, regardless of whether they have played before or not.

I think it’s important to have hubs like this, not only to promote physical activity, but also to help to generate a community feel. We’ve got the University of Hull, the Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue on board with the programme, so we’ve got some strong partners involved. Wicketz also utilises volunteers from the local area to help deliver the sessions. The project looks to operate with a volunteer workforce and volunteers benefit from funding to complete coaching and other qualifications that enhances employment opportunities and personal development.

We introduce more than the sport in the sessions and each week is different- from social workshops on local community issues to education about healthy eating. Our aim is to bring the brand of the white rose to Hull and use it to connect with every individual involved in the programme.”

To find a hub near you, check out the sessions above or to find out more about Wicketz Hull, contact Rick directly via or on 07394 567319


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