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Paul's Story

Walking Cricket

At first I said “You must be joking!! Walking Cricket, surely, it’s some kind of joke”

Walking Cricket, delivered in partnership with Yorkshire Cricket Foundation and U3A is a fantastic project that operates in Barnsley, Doncaster, and more recently, Wakefield.

YCF are currently seeking a new sponsor for Walking Cricket. To enquire about our partner opportunities, please contact

We recently caught up with Paul, who’s initial reaction was ‘Walking Cricket? What a joke’. After his first session, he soon changed his mind…

I am 72 years old, and retired on Christmas Eve 2018, and tried to get used to retirement. I live in Barnsley in the beautiful County of Yorkshire, and since retirement had settled into a routine of not doing all that much, rather than spending quality family time at home, and getting all over the place with my wife using the off-peak public transport system, and using the family car rarely.

In my younger days, I was very much into rugby, and played cricket extensively in Leeds and West Yorkshire in leagues. My wife spotted an advert in the Barnsley U3A quarterly magazine “The Buzz” about Walking Cricket and, thinking I might be interested, contacted the Walking Cricket Group Co-ordinator Mac Mckechnie, and gave my details to him saying I might be interested.

When she told me, I said “You must be joking!! Walking Cricket, surely, it’s some kind of joke! I think she did this to try to get me out and about, (or from under her feet), I think the latter may be the case. I said I’d give it a go after all the trouble she had gone to. And I went to my first “match” with the intention to show my face and not return, (Walking Cricket – what a joke!)

And then I found how wrong one can be! I was met by an array of ages, all probably at least 60 years old, and mixed gender. Without going into detail about the actual game of cricket being played, I was amazed at the amount of fun being had and thoroughly enjoyed myself – everyone playing to win, but it didn’t really matter! It’s the fun, the people involved, the banter, and the fun everyone seemed to be having, as well as the gentle exercise.

I was amazed at the enthusiasm everybody gave, the ladies with their vicious underarm bowling, and hard-hitting batting, showing no mercy! After the game, everyone shakes hands, and then has a cup of tea/coffee and a chat. I found it all so very enjoyable. The game, meeting the other players, it really opened my eyes. Walking Cricket is certainly no joke! And now I look forward to the next, and every game.

Barnsley U3A, and Wakefield Warriors Walking Cricket player.

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