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19 Feb

Lad's Lunch

Lads Lunch aims to help men aged over 50 years of age in Leeds who may also be living with mental health conditions and/or in social isolation. Organised in association with Bramley Elderly Action OWLS, the group of lads meet at Headingley Cricket Ground at Stumps Café every other Friday for a pot of Yorkshire Tea and good old fashioned fish and chips!

Lads Lunch serves to provide a social opportunity for those who may need it. Sessions usually last around 2 hours, with lunch being served at 12:30pm followed by a small scale sporting reminiscence group. With such a rich sporting and Yorkshire history, Headingley Stadium serves as the perfect location to bring local men together and reminisce on not only sporting memories, but their lives and experiences also.

Since it’s inception in February, Lads Lunch has had a core group of attendees who have been given the opportunity to visit parts of the stadium that are usually off limits to the public, making this an even more worthwhile and memorable experience for the guys who come along. As a result of attending Lads Lunch, the lads have also been invited to other projects we operate, in some cases meaning they have been able to come to the stadium and watch Yorkshire CCC play for free!

The Foundation are pleased that they are able to offer this service to the lads that attend and hope that the group will continue to grow in popularity over the coming months. If you would like further information on Lads Lunch or any of the projects Yorkshire Cricket Foundation currently operate, please contact Beth on


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