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Cricket Foundation

YCF Reminiscence Programme

As a result of its National Heritage Lottery Funded project, the Foundation has established a programme of weekly Reminiscence Sessions which use the power of cricket heritage to stimulate memory, discussion and social engagement.

What are reminiscence sessions?

Reminiscence therapy involves discussing cricket events and experiences from the past and aims to evoke memories, stimulate mental activity and improve a person’s well-being. They are usually supported by props such as videos, music, pictures and objects that may have particular meaning for an individual, often in a particular context.

One of the Foundation’s key ambitions is to use the power of cricket heritage to deliver activities within Yorkshire which reach out to those living with dementia or who are suffering from isolation and loneliness or experiencing social exclusion,

This involves a partnership with local clubs and leagues in the county to develop a programme of weekly sessions aimed at participants of all ages and from all backgrounds, using local cricket club heritage as a catalyst to stimulate social engagement and to help tackle mental or other clinical health challenges.

The sessions are short (lasting about an hour), have limited numbers (to facilitate easier contributions from participants), and are led by the Foundation.

Since 2020, the Foundation has been running regular bi-weekly (supplemented by occasional special) Reminiscence Sessions which engage a range of older participants who have a collective interest in cricket. Originally, these events were designed to be delivered in care homes or community/day centres – even in local cricket clubs themselves.

Reminiscence sessions during the pandemic

Unfortunately, as a result of the impact of Covid, these sessions have been temporarily run online, using modern tools such as Zoom. It is anticipated that, with the easing and lifting of Covid restrictions, the delivery of these sessions will resume in situ and will no longer be remote.

How to get involved

- Reminiscence sessions run every Wednesday – 2-3.30pm on zoom

If you would like to participate in these sessions, please contact Charlotte Hughes, the Yorkshire Cricket Foundation’s Heritage Manager, to be added to the mailing list publicising events.

The Foundation is also particularly keen to work with partners which share an interest in this type of therapy.