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Cricket Foundation


Donate, reuse and recycle cricket kit.

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation launched Cric-Kit, in September, 2022, in partnership with Zero Waste Leeds, who run the Together for Sport initiative.

The cricket kit recycling programme aims to create awareness and a culture across Yorkshire and the UK whereby donating, recycling and reusing sports clothing is done more frequently to help break down barriers in communities to participation.

Cric-Kit launch

The Cric-Kit launch last year – one of the first events in the city to create awareness around recycling sports kit and supported by Junior Sports Hub – distributed roughly 1,100 pieces of cricket equipment and garments, donated from across Yorkshire Cricket, which would have cost around £18,700 if bought new, according to Together for Sport research.

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Get involved in Cric-Kit

Cric-Kit recycling hubs are now open at:

Headingley Cricket Ground, in Leeds
Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground
Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club

Donation windows 2023

From the beginning of March-April, the three Cric-Kit hubs at Headingley Cricket Ground, Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground and the Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club will accept cricket kit donations with another donation window running later in the year from September until October.

All donations will then be recycled and reused across a number of community programmes run by YCF in Yorkshire.

If you would like to donate cricket kit at any of the three hubs, please contact the below to arrange:

Headingley Cricket Ground
Drop off at the ticket office on St Michael’s Lane.

Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club
FaceBook page, click here & Email:

Park Avenue Bradford Cricket Ground
FaceBook page, click here

& for any further information about Cric-Kit, please contact Kendal James, Participation Manager for YCF, on: