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Cricket Foundation

Health Checks

The Yorkshire Cricket Foundation work with community health providers over the course of the season to deliver free health checks to staff and spectators at major cricket matches.

With a captive audience of over 18,000 at major matches, Emerald Headingley Stadium is a venue that attracts a diverse range of spectators. Major Cricket events serve as an excellent platform to deliver free health checks because:
• More exposure to the audience before, during and after the match compared to other sports.
• Spectators sit for long periods and are more likely to take a short walk during play.
• Spectators can leave their seats during the game and not miss much play time.
• Access to harder to reach groups.
• Increase health awareness in a non-clinical environment.

As one of the YCF’s four core themes, Health & Wellbeing is of great significance to the Foundation, who are working towards improving the health of Yorkshire residents in several ways. The YCF’s work aims to provide a service through several different projects to those who are already diagnosed with a health-related condition. The health checks provided over the course of the season will highlight areas of risk as well as providing education and creating awareness.

In the UK, there is particular concern around the health behaviours and physical activity levels of men. With men highlighted as an unreached group who do not always willingly seek care from traditional health services, it is imperative to take health checks and health education to where some men may already spend their time and feel comfortable, i.e. Sports Venues.

Health checks will be provided from different care providers including Boundaries for Life and Bupa, all with common goals; to provide a service to those who may not normally access health professionals, to provide risk assessments associated with common health conditions and to increase awareness and education on preventable conditions.

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