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Cricket Foundation


Helping to reduce #HolidayHunger across Leeds.

In Leeds alone, 30,000 children go hungry during the school holidays. In 2015 it was highlighted that 21% of young people under 18 years living in Leeds, were living in poverty, with several areas being ranked as some of the most deprived areas in the country.

Using the power of sport, Crick-EAT provides children and families in deprived areas of Yorkshire with food during school holidays. The programme works in a very non-traditional way, by using pop-up cricket as the hook to engage with children and families in parks and green spaces. Food is kindly provided by Fuel for School, who work in partnership with the Real Junk Food Project to ensure food is not wasted, but redistributed to those who may need it most.

Due to the informal nature of Crick-EAT, the cricket session can be delivered in local parks, green spaces, indoor sports halls, schools and other safe environments where children can attend during school holidays.